Tourist attractions in Wroclaw

Gives way to the historic capital of Silesia in terms of comments received other Polish cities, but Wroclaw is one of the most beautiful and largest Polish cities. Any tourist can find in Wroclaw something for everyone. Number of tourist attractions and historical sites is enormous, and the proximity to the capitals of Central and Eastern Europe Classifieds places as one of the most developing cities in the country. Visitors will find in the city proper accommodation, a number of exclusive suites, outstanding restaurants, exclusive meeting rooms and first-class hotels. Wroclaw is definitely an interesting option for any traveler łaknącego in luxury tourism.

Visiting Wroclaw

Although during the Second World War the town was declared claim (called Festung Breslau) and destroyed as a result of clashes between the Red Army and Wehrmacht 70% of the buildings of the city, Wroclaw is a charming place, with plenty of numerous monuments. While in Wroclaw-must first of all to see:

- One of the largest markets in Europe, the Old Town, its dimensions: 205 to 175 m. It is 50 square having the size of the world, 28 in Europe and 3 in Poland. It is worth to focus on the Gothic Town Hall. This is one of the oldest town halls in Poland and one of the finest secular Gothic buildings in this part of Europe. City Hall located on the tower is the oldest in Poland and the oldest bell clock, the clock tower in 1368. And in the basement of the building is the oldest restaurant in Europe – Basement Świdnicka, it is estimated to rise to the nineteenth century.

- In contact with his corner of Market Square Salt, who previously was the market square. The date of the creation of this site is estimated at the end of the thirteenth century.

- Plac Nowy Targ, which is one of three historic marketplaces Wroclaw. The creation of this site is set at the beginning of the thirteenth century.

- Świdnicka Street, the most famous street in the town, with a total length of 1,050 m.

- Szewska Street – one of the most elegant streets of the city.

- Established in 1811 and located in the Cathedral Island Botanical Gardens, which is about 7.5 thousand species of plants.

- One of the biggest parks in Wroclaw – Szczytnicki Park along with the Japanese Garden. Due to the nature and the landscape is a large compositional advantages and dendrology This park is a great attraction.

- Zoo with the largest number of species.

- Old Jewish Cemetery with a total area of 4.6 ha.

In addition, an important place in Wroclaw is a horse racing track and modernist Centennial Hall, which was designed by the famous Max Berg. Other exceptional objects in Wroclaw are the main Baroque buildings of Wroclaw University Aula Leopoldina, gothic, now revitalized, building, railway station, Rudolf Petersdorff Department Store, now called the “Chameleon”, and exhibition buildings’ apartment and workplace “in 1929. In addition, the town is more than eight thousand historic buildings that represent the historical styles from the nineteenth and early twentieth century. It is the largest concentration of historic buildings in Poland, and one of the largest in Europe.

While in Wroclaw must be checked manually lit gas street lamps at Cathedral Island is constantly filled with water and the city moat. Also, all tourists are interested in the fact that the Wroclaw in Poland has the highest vantage points, which are located on the monuments. These include:

- North Tower of St. Vitus Cathedral. John the Baptist,

- Tower of mathematics at the University of Wroclaw,

- Bridge between the towers of the Witches of Polish-Catholic Cathedral of St. Mary Magdalene

- Tower of St. Peter’s Basilica. Elizabeth.

During the tour in Wroclaw, we realize the fact that it is the fourth city in Europe in terms of number of bridges and footbridges. Classifieds ahead of Amsterdam, Venice and St. Petersburg. So often used to describe Wroclaw, a “Second Venice”.

Luxury Hotels in Wroclaw

In conclusion, Wroclaw, one of the fastest developing cities in Poland that has a unique, suitably prepared for the business tourism, accommodation facilities geared to sophisticated travelers. Conference rooms in Wroclaw, at the head of the newly opened Regional Business Tourism Centre, attracting customers from abroad. Visitors to Boston can enjoy the most luxurious and exclusive hotels in Poland. Numerous, elegant apartments in Wroclaw, prepared for individual tourists are attracted to its design and location. Do not wait – Wroclaw need to check from the best!