“Senator Dwór” Hotel i Restauracja

After World War I in Zakrzów estate with court buildings bought from the Polish State Oil industrialist, Senator interwar Lewakowski Zygmunt. During the 1939-1945 occupation of the manor functioned German farm producing vodka for Nazi dignitaries. The first mention of an unspecified archive in Zakrzów court found in documents from 1948. They talk about the so-called. “Manor Tower” built around a square with a post in the middle. Parts of this site can be found in today’s cafes. The banquet hall called “Gdansk”, the historic ceiling belkowanym inscription: “RENOWATUM AD 1927.” After World War II with the goods yard under the Law of National Liberation in September 1944, he moved to the Land Fund under the agrarian reform. In later years he spent at the National Children’s Home. Badly used, consequently destroyed, he waited several years for a good host. Manor was restored in the years 1980-1985 under the supervision of restoration by the collective farm, “Chelm”, and then allocated to the hotel with a restaurant and a cafe. Was named “Senator”, thus recalling his last historical owner, who is on that roof beam had inscribed the following words: “Sibi, ET POSTERITATIS Amicis” which means “myself, friends and coming”, which the court cordially invites you to its doors .